About EU-InnovatE

Harnessing the expertise of 14 leading academic, think tank and network partners, it seeks to provide scientific evidence and analysis to test the feasibility and potential impact of achieving these scenarios through to 2050.

The key idea is to investigate the creative, innovate and entrepreneurial roles of users in developing sustainable novel products, services and systems ("Sustainable Lifestyles 2.0"). EU-InnovatE will focus on their potential contribution to sustainability-driven open innovation processes, both within and outside of corporate value chains – and by extension which policy mechanisms and corporate approaches can best enable the creation of new enterprises which create jobs and enhance competitiveness in Europe.

Its main objective is to develop and disseminate concepts and tools to enhance the active roles of end users to (co-) invent, (co-) design, (co-) produce and (co-) market novel sustainable products. To achieve these ultimate goals EU-InnovatE will prioritise five specific areas of inquiry and action:

  1. Understand the complex relationships between natural resources, human needs, technology, and economics with a focus on consumers’ values and behaviour in Europe (past and presence)
  2. Analyse the short- and long-term obstacles and opportunities associated with the transition to sustainable lifestyles and green economy in Europe (future)
  3. Investigate new business models enhancing sustainable lifestyles and green economy in Europe
  4. Measure the prospects of sustainable lifestyles and the green economy in Europe
  5. Assess the political dimension of the evolution in sustainable lifestyles in Europe

IMPACT of EU-InnovatE

Social Impact

End users will be made aware of the possibilities to be active and to become user entrepreneurs (by creating institutions, organizations and opportunities) within a European context. Reaching out to companies, users and policy makers, EU-InnovatE will demonstrate the scale of opportunity for user entrepreneurs to create wealth, jobs and well-being within the context of Europe’s transition to sustainable lifestyles and green economy.

Scientific Impact

The project will use an interdisciplinary approach to advance knowledge in the emerging research paradigm of user-driven innovation and entrepreneurship enabling and enhancing sustainable lifestyles. It will create a starting point to establish user entrepreneurship as a legitimate interdisciplinary research domain at the European and international level.

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