BMW i3 – An Eco-Friendly Drive for Better Air Quality

FRoSTA – Improving Consumer Health Through Additive Free Food

IKEA Skanska – BoKlok Concept for Affordable Housing

Rockwool – Innovative Shelters to House Refugees

Smart Domo Grid – Better Energy Management for Smart Domestic Appliances

Velib – Paris Goes Green with Bike-Sharing Scheme

Verbund – Enabling Hydroelectric Powered Vehicles in Austria

Veritas – New Life for Substandard Organic Produce



Cozify – Energy Saving from Automated Home Appliance Management

Food Assembly – Enhancing Food Distribution from Local Farmers to Consumers

GreenRiders – Ridesharing in Finland with Environmental Benefits

Lifefood – Organic Products Meeting Consumer Demand for Healthy Food

Noem – Creating Sustainable Designer Homes

Otodojazod – Ridesharing Innovation in the Polish Mobility Sector

Polarstern – Truly Renewable Energy and Gas at Affordable Prices

Som Energia – New Cooperative Set to Transform Spanish Energy Market