Work Package


Publishable manuscripts concerning the indicated topics 1 8
Public database and manuscript of the European (un-) sustainability parameters 1 16
Database on sustainable lifestyles, innovation, behaviour, user innovators / user sustainability innovation frameworks 1 19
Database of relevant institutional frameworks for user sustainability innovation 1 19
Reports from the European workshops 1 25
Publishable manuscript on user sustainability innovations in Europe (mixed methodology) 1 30
Publishable manuscript that provides an in-depth understanding of user-innovation for the four areas in each scenario for the next ten  years for 2050 2 8
Publishable manuscript that presents key indicators (mean, range) from experts for short- and long-term 2 19
Publishable manuscript that identifies short- and long-term obstacles and opportunities associated with the transition to sustainable lifestyles in Europe 2 25
Report the details of the implications for policy and management, backed up with sections that draw on the publishable manuscripts generated for D2.1-3. 2 30
Inventory report of company-driven sustainability innovations integrating users in Europe 3 4
Report compiling case study descriptions and analysis of user integration in open sustainability innovation process 3 16
Report on sustainable lifestyles and ecological footprint of COSI customers 3 20
Publishable manuscript on key organizational enables for user integration in open sustainability innovation process 3 20
Publishable manuscript of the quantitive study results of user integration in company-driven open sustainability innovation process 3 28
Publishable manuscript of the laboratory experiment results on types of leadership in relation to different innovation process phases 3 28
Researcher-generated data file regarding user SIE in Europe as an open source platform 4 4
Report on the empirical results of the case studies on user SIE, shaping sustainable lifestyles 4 16
Report on sustainable lifestyles and ecological footprint of user SIE customers 4 20
Publishable manuscript on the refined theory of user SIE 4 20
Publishable manuscript on the empirical results of the quantitative study on user SIE 4 28
Publishable manuscript on the empirical results of the laboratory experiments regarding financial sources and user sustainability enterprises 4 28
Report on relevant forecast models and future measurements and their relation to sustainable lifestyles 5 18
Publishable manuscript as output of the project synthesis workshop with WP leaders 1-4 5 22
Detailed future scenarios 5 31
Simulation models and resultant impacts at different points 5 31
Detailed report on the behaviour of the user entrepreneur as a key 'system changer' in future scenarios 5 31
Expert evaluation report on detailed future scenarios 5 36
Report on policies and instruments influencing user innovation and entrepreneurship 6 12
Report on European policy makers’ view on sustainable user innovation and entrepreneurship 6 24
Documentation of Knowledge Brokerage Workshops I and II 6 26
Report on novel instruments and policies, enhancing sustainable lifestyles 2.0 6 30
Publishable manuscript on ex-ante policy testing of novel policy instruments 6 36
Executive Report of findings of WP1-WP6 from a multi-level perspective 7 34
Conceptual paper on the integration of users into a multi-level perspective on socio-technical systems transition 7 36
Consolidated report on implications of user integration for sustainable lifestyles and green economy, with dedicated sections for corporate, user entrepreneurs and policy audiences  7 36
Executive Briefing on future research agenda and potential scientific pathways 7 36
Project launch flyers for different stakeholder communities 8 1
Website design and management 8 1
Project media kits, dissemination plans and tools (database) 8 2
"Webinar"-style presentations and discussion of latest findings 8 6

Quarterly Newsletter

8 3
Summary of stakeholder and policy round tables 8 9
8 6
 Learning History Report 8 36