From a scientific perspective, the profound shifts being explored in EU-InnovatE are being reflected not just within a single social sciences discipline, but across several. Whereas once research focused on closed innovation, a new field is open innovation. The cutting edge of studies of entrepreneurship is to be found in user entrepreneurship. In political science, the talk is of inclusive policy-making and the active involvement of citizens; and in history, new studies are on active end users, as opposed to passive.

In response to this, our research design (see “Project Approach”) is implemented through a total of nine distinct, but interconnected Work Packages (WPs), as represented below.

The first six of these are empirically grounded, spanning the history of sustainable lifestyles to scenarios, company case studies and policy innovation. The studies undertaken in Work Packages 1-6 are brought together in WP7, which focuses on the synthesis of findings and results for a range of audiences. WP8 embraces the various communications, outreach and dissemination activities for the duration of the project, while WP9 is the coordination and management glue binding the whole endeavour together.

Project Activities